nickel ore pyrrhoite

  • The flotation of magnetic and non-magnetic

    The flotation of magnetic and non-magnetic pyrrhotite from selected nickel ore deposits Megan Beckera,*, Johan de Villiersb, Dee Bradshawa,c a Centre for Minerals ...

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    NICKELLIFEROUS PYRRHOTITE ANOTHER SOURCE OF NICKEL IF IT CAN BE ... as nickelliferous pyrrhotite. Recovering that nickel ... to be sold as iron ore or ...

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  • Pentlandite Wikipedia

    Pentlandite in pyrrhotite, ore specimen from the Sudbury Basin (field of view 3.4 cm) Pentlandite is an iron-nickel sulfide, (Fe,Ni)9S8. Pentlandite has a narrow variation range in Ni:Fe but it is usually described as having a Ni:Fe of 1:1.